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    fioricet acetaminophen/caffeine/butalb 325-40-50 tablet 100s
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    Which foods help rev up energy levels?

    Q: Which foods help rev up energy levels?
    A: Being a new mother can certainly make you tired -- your sleep may be interrupted almost every night, and your personal eating and exercise routine are altered by your baby's schedule. You may also still be nursing the baby at five months.

    First, it is important that you are still taking the vitamins you took during pregnancy. Post-pregnancy anemia is common and the prenatal vitamins provide extra iron and a full complement of vitamins, as well. Next, be sure you eat regularly through out the day, with protein rich food at two of the three meals (chicken, fish, eggs, cheese or beef). Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and starches to give you nutrient-rich carbohydrates. Be aware of what is happening to your weight; if you are losing weight, you may need to increase your calorie intake to keep your energy level up. Finally, drink plenty of fluids; you might be slightly dehydrated if you are nursing.

    There are no special foods to give you quick energy (you can get a temporary boost from caffeine, but that's not a good idea if you are nursing). Help yourself instead by taking care of yourself and following the same rules you apply to your baby -- rest, balanced diet and liquids. is not a comercial or official site. all opinions provided at drugsboat are personal opinions and should not be taken too seriously, but considered. drugsboat holds no responsibility for any negative consequences of it's contents. information is here free for taking, it's visitor's responsibility to use it in a proper way.