current category: "familial hypophosphatemia"



it is also best known as calciferol

products containing  ergocalciferol:
calciferol one-alpha, buco-d, condacaps, condocaps, condol, crtron, crystallina, d-arthin, d-tracetten, daral, davitamon d, davitin, de-rat concentrate, decaps, dee-osterol, dee-ron, dee-ronal, dee-roual, deltalin, deratol, detalup, diactol, divit urto, doral, drisdol, ercalciol, ergorone, ergosterol, irradiated, ertron, fortodyl, geltabs, hi-deratol, infron, metadee, mulsiferol, mykostin, novovitamin-d, oleovitamin d, oleovitamin d, synthetic, oleovitamin d2, ostelin, radiostol, radstein, radsterin, rodine c, shock-ferol, shock-ferol sterogyl, sterogyl, uvesterol-d, vio-d, viostdrol, viosterol, viosterol in oil, vitavel-d, ergosterol activated

vitamin d2, synthetic vitamin d

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