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it is also best known as ortho tricyclen

products containing  norgestimate:
ortho evra, ortho tricyclen lo, ortho tricyclen, ortho-cyclen, ortho-prefest

dexnorgestrel acetime, norgestimato, norgestimatum

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it is also best known as phoslo

products containing  calcium-acetate:
calac, niacet calcium acetate tech, phoslo gelcaps, sorbo-calcian, sorbo-calcion, teltozan

calcium acetate, acetic acid, calcium salt, brown acetate, brown acetate of lime, calcium acetate hydrate, calcium acetate monohydrate, calcium diacetate, gray acetate, gray acetate of lime, grey acetate, lime acetate, lime pyrolignite, procalamine, pyrolignite of lime, vinegar salts

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it is also best known as clomid

products containing  clomiphene:
ovinum, phenate, profertil, sunophene, clostilbegyt, ova-mit, duinum, serophenetablet, clomivid, clomphid, clostilbegyt, dyneric, genozym, ikaclomin, milophene, omifin, serophene, clomifert, androxal

clomifene, clomiphene citrate, chloramiphene, chloramifene, chlomaphene, cisclomiphene, clomifeno, clomiphene dihydrogen citrate, racemic clomiphene citrate, zuclomiphene citrate

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it is also best known as norlutate

products containing  norethindrone:
anhydrohydroxynorprogesterone, anovulatorio, anovule, aygestin, binovum, brevicon, brevinor, camila, ciclovulan, conceplan, conludaf, conludag, demulen, ent, errin, estrinor, ethinylnortestosterone, ethynylmortestosterone, ethynylnortestosterone, gencept, genora, gestest, jenest, loestrin, menzol, microneth, micronett, micronor, micronovum, milli, mini-pe, mini-pill, minovlar, modicon, n.e.e., net, necon, nelova, neocon, nodiol, nor-q.d., nor-qd, noraethisteronum, noralutin, norcept, norcept-e, norcolut, norfor, norgestin, noriday, norimin, norinyl, norlestrin, norlutate, norluten, norlutin, norluton, normapause, norpregneninlone, norpregneninolone, norpregneninotone, orlest, ortho-novum, ovcon, ovysmen, palonyl, perovex, primolut n, primolut-n, proluteasi, synphase, tri-norinyl, triella, trinovum, utovlan, utovlar

norethindrone acetate, noresthisterone, norethadrone, norethisterone, norethisteron, norethisterone, norethisterone, norethisteronum, norethyndron, norethynodron, norethynodrone, noretisterona, noretisterone

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it is also best known as danocrine

products containing  danazol:
ladogal, nazol, anargil, vabon, danodiol, duozol, azol, danzol, anatrol, chronogyn, cyclomen

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it is also best known as renagel

products containing  sevelamer:

sevelamer hydrochloride, sevelamer-hydrochloride, sevelamer hcl, sevelamer-hcl

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it is also best known as duphaston

products containing  dydrogesterone:
diphaston, dufaston, duvaron, gestatron, gynorest, prodel, retrone, terolut

10alpha-isopregnenone, didrogesterone, dydrogesterona, dydrogesteronum, hydrogesterone, hydrogestrone, isopregnenone

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it is also best known as oxytrol

products containing  oxybutynin:
driptane, ditropan, lyrinel xl

oxibutinina, oxibutyninum, oxybutynin base, oxybutynin chloride, oxybutynin hydrochloride, oxybutynine, oxybutyninum, oxybutinin

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it is also best known as pyridium

products containing  phenazopyridine:
azo-standard, baridium, phenazodine, prodium, pyridiate, pyridium, sedural, uristat, urodine, urogesic, suladyne, viridium, pyrazodine, phenylazo

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it is also best known as alesse

products containing  levonorgestrel:
mirena, jadelle, rigevidon, microgynon, nordette, plan b, triphasil, seasonale

levonorgestrel bp + ethinylestradiol bp, levonorgestrel&ethinyloestradiol, levonorgestrel/ethinyloestradiol, levonorgestrel and ethinyloestradiol

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