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    Keeping a pet-loving family healthy

    Pets enrich our lives in countless ways. Besides providing companionship and unconditional love, they may even enhance our health. For example, dog owners get added exercise when they walk their pets.

    Like human beings, however, any pet can become a host for bacteria, parasites and other infectious agents. Physicians use the term zoonoses (pronounced ZO-e-NO-sez) when referring to diseases that pass from animals to humans.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, zoonoses affect about 4 million Americans yearly. Most of these infections are mild and easily treated. With some basic knowledge and a few precautions, you can greatly reduce the risk in your home.

    For safety around dogs, tell your children to:

    * Let you know about unfamiliar dogs.
    * Never approach an unfamiliar dog.
    * Stand still if approached by an unfamiliar dog.
    * Never run from a dog or scream it might encourage the dog to chase.
    * Never disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating or caring for puppies.
    * Never pet a dog until after it sees you and sniffs you.

    Treat bites promptly

    Take prompt action after animal bites or scratches:

    * Gently wash the wound with soap and water.
    * If the wound is bleeding, apply pressure with a clean towel. When possible, elevate the site of bleeding. For example, raise an injured hand above the level of the heart.
    * Put a sterile bandage on the wound.
    * Notify the animal control department in your area.

    Call your doctor's office or health care provider. Be prepared to answer these questions: Was this animal a family pet or a stray or wild animal? Does the animal exhibit any unusual behavior? Did anyone or anything provoke the attack? Has the animal been immunized? When?

    If possible, see whether the animal has a collar that includes immunization data, and describe the collar carefully to your physician. Working with your doctor, you can determine whether vaccinations are needed for the injured person or the animal. This step is particularly important for infections such as rabies, which can be fatal if not prevented.

    Depending on the location and severity of a bite, exploration, cleansing and perhaps suturing may be necessary. Cat bites that break the skin, bites to the hand and severe bites may require antibiotic treatment.

    Prevent injuries and infections

    To prevent problems, choose your pet carefully. If you have children, ask a veterinarian for advice. Some breeds do well with children, some don't. Look for a healthy animal from clean surroundings. Avoid wild or stray animals.

    In addition:

    * Take your pet to a veterinarian regularly. Dogs and cats are frequently exposed to parasitic worms, so they require periodic deworming medication. Make sure your pet is up to date with immunizations.

    * Keep pets clean and well-groomed.

    * Avoid contact with your animal's tongue, mouth, body fluids and feces. Puppies love to lick children's faces, but it's best to discourage this habit.

    * Wash your hands often and make sure your children do the same this is especially important before eating and after contact with your pet's body fluids or feces.

    * Cover playground sandboxes when they're not in use to prevent cats from using them as litter boxes.

    * Clean cat litter boxes daily. If you're pregnant, on chemotherapy or have a weakened immune system, give this task to someone else. Keep litter boxes out of the kitchen.

    * Keep your pet away from garbage and the toilet bowl.

    * Give your pet only commercial pet foods.

    * Supervise children around pets. Dog obedience classes are well worth the time and effort; you'll do a better job of managing your pet.

    * After walking in the woods with a pet, check for ticks.

    * Use tweezers to remove ticks. Don't crush a tick between your fingers. To prevent tick infestation, don't let the animal wander off alone in wooded areas.

    * Teach children to take over the daily care of your pet. At the same time, assume that the final responsibility for pet care rests with you.

    * Learn about diseases that can be brought into your home by dogs and cats.

    Keep perspective

    Contact with other humans poses a far greater risk of infection than the furry, four-legged friend that shares your home. Adopting simple prevention habits is the best way to keep your family and your pet healthy. is not a comercial or official site. all opinions provided at drugsboat are personal opinions and should not be taken too seriously, but considered. drugsboat holds no responsibility for any negative consequences of it's contents. information is here free for taking, it's visitor's responsibility to use it in a proper way.