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it is also best known as zanaflex

products containing  tizanidine:
pramiracetam, sirdalud, ternelin

tizanidina, tizanidine hcl, tizanidinum, tizanidine-hcl, tizanidine-hydrochloride, tizanidine hydrochloride

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it is also best known as robaxin

products containing  methocarbamol:
avetil, delaxin, etroflex, forbaxin, glycerylguaiacolate carbamate, glycerylguajacol-carbamat, guaiacol glyceryl ether carbamate, guaiphenesin carbamate, guaiphenesine carbamate, lumirelax, methocal, metocarbamol, metocarbamolo, metofenia, metofenina, miolaxene, miorilas, miowas, myolaxene, neuraxin, parabaxin, perilax, reflexyn, relestrid, robamol, robaxan, robaxine, robaxon, robinax, romethocarb, surquetil, traumacut, tresortil

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it is also best known as probalan

products containing  probenecid:
apurina, benecid, benemid, benuryl, col-probenecid, colbenemid, polycillin-prb, probampacin, probecid, proben, proben-c, probenecid acid, probenemid, probexin, prolongine, synergid r, tubophan, uricosid

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it is also best known as parafon

products containing  chlorzoxazone:
muscol, parafon forte

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it is also best known as feldene

products containing  piroxicam:
apo-piroxicam, rosiden, axcel piroxicam, uphaxicam, roxim, pirodene, felxicam, roxam, brexidol, brexin, erazon, exipan, faxiden, felden, feldoral, flamexin, hotemin, mobilis, pirox von ct, proponol, reumador, roxam, sinartrol, toricam, tracam, veral, vurdon

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it is also best known as fosamax

products containing  alendronate:
apodrolen, alenate, apo-alendronate, adronate, dyna dronate

alendronic acid, alendronate sodium

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it is also best known as celebrex

products containing  celecoxib:
celebra , onsenal

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it is also best known as zyloprim

products containing  allopurinol:
aprinol, apo-allopurinol, zyloric, safurinol, pharmaniaga allopurinol, allo-300, urinol, allo

allopurinol bp

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it is also best known as ponstel

products containing  mefenamic:
mefacap, pontacid, beafemic, fenagesic, mefemic, triopon, mefenix, namic, hostan, pontyl, medicap, ponstan, mefa, axcel mefenamic, melgesic, mefen, hamitan, mefic, pontalon, pongesic, napan, zeet, dyfenamic, sefmic, mefac-500, panacid, mefa forte, mefetab, mefcid, mefalth, mefalth t, ponstal, parkemed, mafepain, mephadolor, meftal, potarlon, dolfenal, meyerdonal, alfoxan, spiralgin

mefenamic acid

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it is also best known as indocin

products containing  indomethacin:
asimet, methacid, imc, indomen, indo, indomin-25, indometha, indomed, indecin, indocap, methacin, indocid, indoy, indocin sr


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