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it is also best known as zoloft

products containing  sertraline:
apo-sertraline, serlin, asentra, setrof, serlift, eleva, zotral, zolline, sertima, lustral

sertralina, sertraline hydrochloride, sertraline-hydrochloride, sertraline hcl, sertraline-hcl, sertralinum, sultamicillin tosylate


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it is also best known as hydergine

products containing  ergoloid:

ergoloid mesylate, codergocrine mesilate

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it is also best known as nicorette

products containing  nicotine:
niquitin, black leaf, black leaf 40, campbell’s nico-soap, commit, destruxol orchid spray, emo-nik, flux maag, fumetobac, habitrol, mach-nic, niagara p.a. dust, nic-sal, nico-dust, nico-fume, nicocide, nicoderm, nicoderm cq, nicorette, nicorette plus, nicotin, nicotina, nicotine polacrilex, nicotrol, nicotrol inhaler, nicotrol ns, nikotin, nikotyna, ortho n-4 dust, ortho n-5 dust, prostep, tendust

l-nicotine, nicotine alkaloid, nicotine gum

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it is also best known as vestra

products containing  reboxetine:
edronax, norebox, prolift, solvex, davedax

reboxetine mesylate

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it is also best known as depixol

products containing  flupenthixol:
emergil, fluanxol, fluanxol depot, flupentixol, flurentixol, fluxanxol, siplaril, siplarol

flupenthixole, flupentixol

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it is also best known as serc

products containing  betahistine:
betaserc, alfinor, histaril, merislon

betahistine dihydrochloride, betahistine hydrochloride, betahistine-hydrochloride, betahistine hcl, betahistine-hcl

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it is also best known as stugeron

products containing  cinnarizine:
cinna, stugeron, pharmaniaga cinnarizine, cinnaron, uphageron, celenid, nazin, prinazin, labyrin, cinnazine, cinarine, diziron, abitrate, aplactan, aplexal, apotomin, artate, carecin, cerebolan, cerepar, cinaperazine, cinnacet, cinnageron, cinnarizine stugeron, corathiem, denapol, dimitron, dimitronal, eglen, folcodal, giganten, glanil, hilactan, ixertol, katoseran, labyrin, lazeta, marisan, midronal, mitronal, olamin, processine, sedatromin, sepan, siptazin, spaderizine, stutgeron, stutgin, toliman, cinazyn

cinnarizine forte

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it is also best known as aurorix

products containing  moclobemide:

moclobemida, moclobemide, moclobemidum, moclamine, moclamide, moclobemid, moclaime

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it is also best known as orap

products containing  pimozide:
halomonth, neoperidole, opiran

pimozidum, primozida

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it is also best known as trivastal

products containing  piribedil:
pronoran, trastal, trivastan

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