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    Once here, back again?

    Origins of the virus

    The virus was first detected in Uganda in 1937. It has since been found throughout Africa and the Middle East and in parts of Europe, Russia, India and Indonesia. West Nile virus had never been documented in the United States before 1999.

    The first clue of West Nile virus in the United States was found at New York City's Bronx Zoo. In July 1999, a large number of crows were found dead around zoo grounds. Shortly thereafter, some of the zoo's rare birds died, including flamingoes and snowy owls.

    In August and early September of the same year, Flushing Hospital in New York admitted eight people complaining of fever, confusion and weakness, among other symptoms. These people were diagnosed with encephalitis or meningitis. Tissue analysis by the CDC found that the DNA of the virus causing the illnesses was almost identical to a West Nile virus strain found in Israel in 1998.

    How it spreads

    Wild and domestic birds are the primary reservoirs for West Nile virus, particularly crows. But the virus also may be housed in humans and animals such as horses, camels and sheep. According to the CDC, however, these latter reservoirs are usually dead-end hosts - they don't pass it on.

    The principal spreaders (vectors) of West Nile virus are mosquitoes. In New York the vector mosquitoes were identified as members of the Culex species.

    When a mosquito bites an infected bird, the virus enters the mosquito's salivary glands and incubates there for about 10 days to 2 weeks. When the infected mosquito bites an animal or human, the virus is passed into the host's blood stream, where it multiplies and may potentially cause illness.

    The New York outbreak affected animals as well as humans: One cat died and approximately 25 horses became ill from the virus, of which nine died.

    Virus prevention

    The CDC and New York City Department of Health, along with other city, state and federal agencies, are working together to prevent another outbreak in 2000.

    Efforts to detect and contain the virus include:

    Sampling mosquito and bird populations for West Nile virus

    Increased surveillance of animals and humans

    Elimination of mosquito breeding areas

    Physician alertness and reporting

    Public awareness campaigns

    Surveillance programs in Latin America and the Caribbean to keep the virus from moving south with migrating birds

    Eliminating mosquito breeding sites is an effective form of early-stage control that prevents the need to use wide-spread pesticides later on, and is also something in which everyone can take part. (See tips in the right column).

    If West Nile virus activity is detected, chemicals called larvicides, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will be used to kill immature mosquito larvae before they develop into adult mosquitoes.

    There also are EPA approved "adulticides" which can be used to kill adult mosquitoes in a more focused and limited manner, according to the New York City Department of Health.

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