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    it is also best known as pilagan

    products containing  pilocarpine:
    isopto, colircusi, pilo, minims, spersacarpine, diocarpine, miocarpine, ocusert, pilopine hs, salagen, scheinpharm pilocarpine, timpilo

    pilocarpine hcl, pilocarpine-hcl, pilocarpine hydrochloride, pilocarpine-hydrochloride

    it is also known as:
    trade name generic name
    isopto carpine ophth pilocarpine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution usp 2% 15 ml
    isopto carpine ophthalmic soln 1% pilocarpine 1% eye drops
    isopto carpine 1% ophthalmic solution pilocarpine 1% eye drops
    isopto carpine ophthalmic 2% w/v pilocarpine 2% eye drops
    colircusi pilocarpine 2% eye drops pilocarpine 2% eye drops
    pilo 2 eye drops bp pilocarpine 2% eye drops
    isopto carpine 2% ophthalmic solution pilocarpine 2% eye drops
    minims pilocarpine nitrate eye drop 2% pilocarpine 2% eye drops
    isopto carpine ophthalmic soln 4% pilocarpine 4% eye drops
    minims pilocarpine nitrate eye drop 4% pilocarpine 4% eye drops
    isopto carpine 4% ophthalmic solution pilocarpine 4% eye drops
    spersacarpine eye drops 4% w/v pilocarpine 4% eye drops
    pilo 4 eye drops bp pilocarpine 4% eye drops
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